FB Live Topic Ideas For Business

So you want to use FB live for business but you can’t think of anything to say?  Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Why you got into your business or niche
  2. 3 (4,5,6…) things you love about what you do
  3. 1 (2,3,4…) things that drive you nuts about what you do
  4. A funny (business related) story that happened recently
  5. How you goofed up and what you learned from it
  6. If your business or niche involves training then detail a specific aspect of that and how it helped you
  7. Mindset and positive attitude thoughts and reflections
  8. How you start your day (routines, rituals, etc) and how it helps you be successful
  9. What you do for fun (because we’re not all business)… give them a glimpse of YOU
  10. People who have inspired you
  11. Shout out to associates, team mates and peers who have wins
  12. Shout out to people just getting started in your niche along with encouragement
  13. 3 (4,5,6….) things to think about if you are thinking of getting in this business
  14. Education, training and/or certifications required and tips on how to get them
  15. Things you’ve learned in the field that can’t be found in a text book
  16. Dumb things you did as a newbie and what you learned from it
  17. If you’re more experienced…. something dumb you did today that you can laugh at yourself about (makes you more real to your followers)
  18. Nuts, bolts and some technical aspects of your business activities (in the form of tips, advice, how to, etc)
  19. Give a tour of your office, part of your home, work out area, neighborhood, etc
  20. Tell personal stories and relate them to business and life lessons
  21. Have you met a guru or famous person? That’s another story to tell
  22. Stories about your kids, pets, spouse, and others that people can relate to
  23. Talk about a bad day and how you got through it and made things better again
  24. What is your favorite marketing strategy and some tips on how to do it better
  25. How you automate or outsource
  26. Tools you use that makes your life easier
  27. Tools you tried that were disasters
  28. Ask questions or answer questions that people have asked
  29. Do a give away or contest
  30. What was your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it
  31. Review a movie or book that inspired you – it doesn’t even have to be about business…. there are great lessons even in the most non-business (and fun, silly) things
  32. Do a tour of your favorite coffee shop or “away from home” office.  I bet the manager would love the free publicity as well
  33. 3 (4,5,6….) things you wish you could tell your younger self
  34. 3 (4,5,6….) things you want to look back on in 20 years and be proud of
  35. What’s your WHY?
  36. What’s your biggest goal?
  37. How do do something in your niche along with tips and tricks
  38. What would you do different if you had to start over?
  39. Insights and ah-ha moments that have helped lead you to where you are today
  40. Answer some of the most frequently asked questions you get
  41. If you were recently on a webinar or did some training talk about that and your biggest takeaways
  42. Do an unboxing (opening of a new tool, gadget, etc) on camera
  43. How you stay organized and get things done
  44. Your daily checklist (or dmo)
  45. What you like to do in your down time and for fun
  46. Share hobbies and interests, especially if they’re unusual
  47. Do you make a cake to die for?  Share that recipe (or just the highlights if it’s a family secret)
  48. How you balance work and play
  49. What charities and/or community projects do you support and why?
  50. Talk about that time you wanted to give up and how you got through it
  51. How you address health challenges and overcome them
  52. Trivia: 5 (10, 20….) little known facts about you
  53. Unusual things you’ve done in your life (even if 30 years ago)
  54. How you balance your day job and business
  55. What your goals are for the next 6 months, year, 5 years….
  56. Your favorite (ice cream flavor, color, food, TV show, etc)
  57. Places you’ve traveled to (people love travel stories) and places you want to go
  58. How you met your sweetheart
  59. How you dealt with hardships like aging parents, health issues, etc. and came out stronger
  60. Tips for those dealing with hardships now (people like to know others have gone through the same thing and it gives them hope to know you made it… or you are making it)
  61. “Must do” things that you never skip in a day
  62. How you get back on track when distractions get the best of you
  63. Planning for an event (party, wedding, vacation, etc).
  64. Small pleasures
  65. Fun things you are doing like going to street fairs, concerts, sporting events, etc.  Do a live from the parking lot as you tailgate.
  66. Live from the park with your kids or dog
  67. Introduce some of your team.  If they’re local do it in person and if not do a video together

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